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About J&J

Retail development is a complex process of taking a project from start to finish. What differentiates J & J Development is the passion that we have for partnering with site owners and national retailers and wanting each development to exceed everyone’s expectations. We strive for excellence and focus on building trust. Whether we have a relationship going back many years or we just met you recently, we want to do our very best work.

The father and son team of Jim and Jeff Angeloni have over 25 years experience in the commercial/retail real estate market. Their unparalleled ethics and commitments to both retailers and communities, sets them apart from other developers and ensures the projects under their care become an integral part of the community they serve.

A Father / Son Partnership





James M. Angeloni, is a resident of Voorhees New Jersey, and has been involved in commercial real estate for 30 years. He started in 1987, as a commercial real estate broker working for Depetris Realty, the largest commercial real estate company

in the Philadelphia marketplace. While at Depetris Realty, James migrated toward land assemblage and development, which helped him with his primary client, Wal-Mart Stores Inc., who was beginning their expansion into the Northeast. James closed three Wal-Mart transactions.





With a background in commercial real estate leasing and investment sales working with Markeim Chalmers, Inc., Jeff rejoined his father Jim in the development business in 2011, finding that many of his key tenant relationships carried over

to the development side of the business.  His focus is working with retailers on site acquisition and then coordinating the development process with the property owner and the local municipality. Jeff enjoys overcoming the day to day obstacles and time challenges of retail development.

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